Pastor Terry & Jody Wakefield


 In May 1997 Pastor Terry & Jody Wakefield were sent to Austin, TX from Santa Fe, NM where they got saved and received their discipleship training. They set out to Pioneer a new Fellowship Church in Austin beginning first with holding Bible Studies from a duplex they were renting. In January 1998 they leased a small storefront facility on Rutland Drive. In 2003 they moved the ministry where they would lease a larger storefront facility on E. Yager Lane. In 2009 the ministry moved once more to seize the opportunity to purchase its own property where it is currently located on Pond Springs Rd.

 The Austin Potter's House Ministry has enjoyed investing in World Evangelism through giving as well as sponsoring missionary trips to various Nations and Cities such as Botswana, South Africa, China, India, and Germany. The vision continues to be all about Local Outreach, Discipleship, Church Planting, and World Evangelism.  



There are three primary experiences of the Christian life:



  • Salvation is initiated by a prayer of faith in Jesus and is completed by God’s grace.
  • Salvation is maintained by a lifestyle of 
  • Biblical righteousness and demonstrated by works.
  • Salvation is lost when we sin and do not repent.
  • Salvation is necessary to enter Heaven in eternity.


  • Water Baptism was shown by the example of Jesus Christ and is a public demonstration of our faith in Him.
  • Water Baptism is not necessary to be saved, but is definitely an important Christian experience not to be negated.
  • Water Baptism is executed in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.


  • Holy Spirit Baptism is evidenced by speaking in tongues.
    (Acts 2:4; Acts 10:45–46)
  • Holy Spirit Baptism is an experience that is different and distinct from salvation or water baptism.
    (Acts 1:5; Acts 10:44)
  • Holy Spirit Baptism is about divine empowerment to be a witness               (Luke 24:49) (Acts 1:8

Our Mission

To Put To Practice Core Principles Of Our Church, As Outlined In The Holy Bible. 

  • To Demonstrate God's Plan and Power for the Local Church  

  • Discipleship

  • Outreach

  • Church Planting

  • World Evangelism